$749.00 USD

Property Registration Service

This service is to register up to 400 grams only.

You must provide your Application ID from your prescreening.

You are required to upload all property images, videos, and a copy of your photo ID.

All images must be included in this service order.  You can attach multiple files when selecting.

You cannot add files after you have confirmed payment.  You will need to contact us if you missed a file.

If you are ordering the CUSTOM IMAGE service, use the CUSTOM IMAGE upload field.

Do not send your custom images in the same batch as your property images and ID.

The additional cost for a custom add-on is – $59.00

You can pay using credit, debit, BUSD, USDC, Bitcoin, or Ethereum at checkout.

Upload your images:

Upload your images, video, and serial numbers.

  • Application ID (Required) *

    Enter the application ID generated from your prescreening.

  • Serial Numbers *

    Enter your serial numbers in this area. Use a comma to separate serials.

  • ALL IMAGES and VIDEO (Required) *

    Use this section for your property, video, and ID images. You can attach multiple files here. Only .jpg, .png, .pdf, and mp4 files are accepted. You do not need to use the "Choose Files" button at the bottom of this screen. It is there by default and cannot be removed.Max file size: 100 MBPermitted file types: jpg jpeg jpe png gif pdf

  • CUSTOM IMAGE (Optional) * $59.00

    Add your custom logo or image. This is an additional charge and is optional. If you are using this service, take notice of the dimensions for the card model: 1180px (W) 720px (H) You can download the template here: https://goldbackers.com/uploadform/ClassicBarTemplate.png If you do not have a custom design, and only a logo, send just the logo, and our team will complete the design. The custom designs are only applied to 1vg, 2.5vg, and 5vg cardsMax file size: 100 MBPermitted file types: jpg jpeg jpe png gif pdf

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Important Information:

This service is designed to record and store your product information and identity.

DO NOT use this service if you have not first completed the customer pre-screening application.

We do not share your personal information outside of Goldbackers.com and GSG Global.

We use the information and images you provide to build your virtual gold models.

Your name will be displayed on the 1vg, 2.5vg, and 5vg cards only.

By submitting this order you approve Goldbackers.com and GSG Global to use your property likeness and generate revenue from such property.

Once we have created and deployed your virtual models, it is final.  We will not remove them from the collection once recorded.

If you have questions about this service, please reach out to us before placing your order. thegoldstandardgrp@gmail.com

There are NO REFUNDS.