Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Fill out the Customer Prescreening Form.
  2. Record your serial numbers and photograph your gold.
  3. Record a video of your Gold.
  4. Pay for your order. You will upload all your files at checkout.

After you complete the pre-screening, complete instructions are delivered to your Email.

Part of the verification process is to have a visual presentation of your bars.  If you cannot record a video because of technical issues you will need to schedule a Zoom call with us so we can record and verify your serial numbers.

Yes.  You can customize the 1vg, 2.5vg, and 5vg bars.  Use the Card Template to design your artwork.

At checkout you will need to select the CUSTOM IMAGE service and upload your artwork.

You can use Debit or Credit card at checkout.  You can also pay with Cryptocurrency – USDC, BUSD, ETHEREUM, and BITCOIN.

We do not share your information outside of this project.  We will only display your Name and Serial Number on the Note and Card products.  Your name and serial will also appear in the Metadata for all products you register.

No.  We do not know what the value of Virtual Gold NFTs will be.  This is something the free market has to determine.

People who find value in having a virtual model of their gold products will view the project differently than someone who is looking for some type of financial gain.

Our primary mission to tokenize the metals linking them to our digital ecosystem.

Users can then leverage the digital asset however they choose.

Yes.  During the registration process you will need to provide a Government issued ID and a selfie.  You will also be required show your face and ID in your property video.

We feel that preparing ourselves for regulators is necessary for the longevity of the project.

Yes you can and here is how:

  1. GS50 on Polygon will be used to mint Virtual Gold NFT’s.  You can connect to the site and use your referral link for people who may want to mint Virtual Gold.  You earn 5% on GS50 transactions from your referrals.
  2. The Virtual Gold 2.0 Smart Contract will not allow the user to mint unless they enter a sponsor wallet.  We will also link the sponsor wallet to the minter for future transactions of Virtual Gold.

GS50 is a token operating on the Polygon and Binance networks.  It was launched by The 80/20 team in 2021 and is a dividend paying token.  Holders of GS50 receive micro-payments from BUYERS and SELLERS of GS50 in The 80/20 Smart Contract.

GS50 is backed by MATIC on Polygon and BNB on Binance Smart Chain.  Its liquidity is stored inside The 80/20 contract and holders can sell GS50 to recover MATIC or BNB.

You will need to visit and connect to the POLYGON network, and also hold MATIC tokens in your wallet before you can buy GS50.

GS50 is a community created token used to share profit with The 80/20 Ecosystem.  By using our own currency we are establishing more demand and utility for GS50.

GS50 is not listed on any exchanges but is 100% liquid in The 80/20 Contract.

This program will allow influencers to earn a higher percentage on sales of Virtual Gold NFTs.

Ambassadors are required to pay per year to receive 8% or 20% from their referrals to Virtual Gold project.

Expectations for Ambassadors is to help educate people who may want to tokenize their gold and show them the process.  When public mints are announced, Ambassadors will use the opportunity to earn income at a higher level than Affiliates.

GSG Global – A independent marketing community who deploys Blockchain based solutions.

Initially the NFT utility will be to certify ownership of physical Gold products on the Blockchain.

We are also positioning the vGold and GSU combination for game and app developers on Polygon.  This will add more utility and value to the project.

Since this is a long term project there will be more utility added over time as our community and partners grow.