Virtual Gold 2.0

Ambassador Program

The success of the project is centered around a strong community.  The Ambassador program is designed to elevate members of the Gold and Silver community to subject matter experts on the Virtual Gold 2.0 system. 



Sr. Ambassador

2% Commission

The good news about this position is that EVERYONE starts as an affiliate!  If you are actively participating and sharing information about the program, you can earn 2% on your referrals for life!  Affiliates do not need to apply to the Ambassador program.


8% Commission

Ambassadors will be expected to be active participants in the Ecosystem.  Your job as an influencer is to teach people how to onboard their gold and direct customers to the Virtual Gold public mints.  You earn 8% on your referrals to the public NFT mints. 

$499 USDC

20% Commission

Ambassadors have a direct line with the founders to help improve the overall program.  Ambassadors will also have an opportunity to create utility for Virtual Gold by integrating Virtual Gold into their own programs.  Sr. Ambassadors earn 20% on referrals to the public NFT mints.

$999 USDC

Rules and Agreement

  1. Ambassadors are not financial advisors and should not offer financial advice with regard to the Virtual Gold program. will not assume responsibility for Ambassadors who violate this rule.
  2. Ambassadors will make every effort to stay up-to-date with news and facts about the Virtual Gold program.  Goldbackers and GSG will hold bi-weekly meetings for Ambassadors.
  3. Ambassadors will complete a KYC (Know Your Customer) before starting.
  4. Only active Ambassadors (paid) will be invited to team meetings and special events.
  5. Ambassadors have permission to use Goldbackers and GSG images and files to promote Virtual Gold to their networks.
  6. Ambassadors a free to innovate their own businesses and leverage Virtual Gold utility.
  7. Affiliates and Ambassadors understand their commission comes from referrals to the public mints of VGold NFTs.
  8. Affiliates and Ambassadors understand that the sponsor wallet address must be used to get credit for the transaction.
  9. All participants understand that Virtual Gold is not an Initial Coin Offering (ICO).
  10. All participants understand that Virtual Gold NFTs or GSU is not “backed” by gold.  There is no obligation for the physical gold owner to turn over the asset to the NFT owner.  We have simply established a “link” to the physical gold bars.
  11. All participants understand that Goldbackers and GSG are offering a service of creating virtual models for physical gold owners.
  12. All participants understand that Virtual Gold NFT is a non-fungible collector token and any value associated with it will be determined by the free market.  Goldbackers and associates will not speculate on price or volume in secondary markets.
  13. All participants understand that the initial utility of Virtual Gold NFT is for tracking physical gold ownership.  The initial GSU token utility will provide an exact representation of the weight in Gold registered in the Smart Contract.
  14. All participants understand that more utility will be added for both tokens as the project matures.

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Ambassador Packages

Senior Level

Sr. Ambassadors earn 20% on referrals to the public NFT mints.

Price $999 USDC

Standard Level

Ambassadors earn 8% on referrals to the public NFT mints.

Price $499 USDC