vgold 2.0


Make money with your physical gold bars in the Metaverse!

Gold is the preservation of wealth and has properties, unlike any other metal. Most people who own Gold are just storing it in a safe place to do nothing.  Virtual Gold 2.0 was designed to put your physical gold to work!  By tokenizing gold it can exist in the Metaverse and create unlimited potential in Web 3.0.


Tokenization of physical Gold Bars and Notes.

Physical Gold Bars

Every bar entered into our contract is nothing less than 24K 999.9% pure gold.

One to One

Each NFT minted will represent a 1 to 1 relationship with it's physical twin in the real world.

Serialized Asset

Each note contains a unique serial ID which is included in the metadata and digital artwork.

ERC - 721

vGold 2.0 NFT is a customized ERC 721 smart contract running on the Polygon Blockchain.

Owner Rewards

Physical Gold owners will collect rewards from secondary NFT market sales for life.


Gold holders are custodians of the physical gold. Its digital ownership is verified by our team.

This project was launched independently by Goldbckers.com and GSG Global.   The 80/20 and GS50 are products of GSG which is also being integrated into the Virtual Gold 2.0 system.

Sure it is.  Holders of gold bars and collectibles are property owners.  You can use your property how you see fit which makes this project even more special.  This will is true decentralized gold ownership with a NFT collectible that can become a utility in the metaverse.

I hate to say it, but what do you have to lose?  If you hold physical gold you will get to turn it into a digital asset and start earning from it.  There is NO RISK to your physical gold.  You are 100% in full control of your assets at all times.  If you believe in Blockchain and NFTs then you know smart contracts will run the show.

We have created a process for Gold owners to register their property into our smart contract.  We will visually verify each piece as the owners will need to submit proof of ownership and pay the processing fee.  The verify process is a manual and centralized step to ensure authenticity of the Gold and integrity of the NFT collection.  Owners will not need to send their gold anywhere but will need to complete the steps for verification.

GSG Global – A independent marketing community who deploys Blockchain based solutions.

No.  The owner of the physical gold is not obligated to ship the gold to you. Essentially if you hold the NFT you will be 100% owner of the virtual asset.  You will have the opportunity to sell your digital asset to anyone, even the physical asset owner.

Yes. We are verifying only pure gold bars that have already been certified and tested to be 99.9% pure 24 Karat Gold.

No.  It is an NFT.  The reward contract will be verified on-chain and anyone can view and complete independent audit themselves.  We know how to build secure contracts and we test them thoroughly before deploying.

No.  Virtual Gold only exists in the Metaverse as an ERC-721 token on Polygon and will get its value directly from the market.  The public mints will have a starting price that reflects the price of Gold, but there is no direct link to the spot gold market.  This gives Virtual Gold and opportunity to trade un-manipulated and earn its value.

Since we are verifying physical gold products and minting them in digital form, Virtual Gold and GSU tokens can be offered as in game currency for any platform on the Polygon Network.  The first in game currency linked to physical gold products.  

GSU means Gold Standard Unit and is an ERC-20 token on Polygon.  GSU is put into circulation when a Virtual Gold 2.0 NFT is minted.  GSU maintains a 1 to 1 relationship to every 0.1vg produced through public and private NFT mints of vCash Gold 2.0. 

GSU will be divisible for fractional ownership of the Virtual Cash Gold NFT’s and carry no initial trading value.  The project team will announce when GSU will be available for public trading.  GSU token price will start at zero and the value will be directly driven by the open market.

There will be no public or private sale of GSU.  A portion of GSU will be airdropped to the physical asset holders who registered their gold, a portion to the sponsors and team, and the remaining going to Uniswap for public consumption.

Virtual Gold 2.0


This is an epic whitepaper that describes our plan to tokenize gold on the Polygon network giving it additional properties and characteristics for the Web 3.

Virtual GOLD2.0 NFTs

Minting of vGold 2.0 into circulation begins here.  The contracts are deployed on the Polygon Blockchain, so you will need MATIC to use as gas, but only GS50 tokens can be used to mint vGold. 2.0  Token IDs are matched with the serial number of the physical gold item.

Only verified Gold notes and bars can enter our contract so there will be gaps in serial denomination.  As more physical Gold owners register their products, the Smart Contract will make those available for public or private mint.

Public Mint

Anyone holding GS50 tokens will be able to mint vGold 2.0 into circulation.  Tokens are minted in serial order based on the denomination chosen.

Owner Mint

Owners will have the first option to mint their own vGold NFT or release them to the public mint.  We have a special designation for every token to be reserved for the owner to mint before the public.

Virtul Gold 2.0 reserve


The community is taking matters into its own hands.  We now have the tools and resources to put your physical gold products to work.  A great product will never die and now the world can experience the power of Virtual Gold 2.0 in the Metaverse.

— Rico Cunningham, Blockchain Innovator